Town Voting Results

In order for the merger between Mayo Regional Hospital and Northern Light Health to move forward, communities within Hospital Administrative District 4 (HAD #4) will be holding a vote at its town meeting.

**These votes are at town meetings and not a ballot box/day long referendum. It is important that if you wish to vote that you be at your town’s voting location by the start time indicated.**

The votes must be held by May 7 to allow the legislature enough time to change the HAD #4 charter this legislative session.

A YES vote indicates approval for the merger between Mayo Regional Hospital and Northern Light Health, offering more access to physicians for patients, and a more sustainable model of quality care, close to home for our communities.

A NO vote rejects the potential merger.

TownDate / TimeLocationVote Tally
DexterApril 11Approved
Town Council

Yes: 7
No: 0
CambridgeSaturday, April 20
10 a.m.
Cambridge Town Office
202 Ripley Road
No: 22
Yes: 12
BradfordMonday, April 22
6:30 p.m.
Bradford Town Hall
345 East Road
Yes: 20
No: 1
MiloTuesday, April 23
6:30 p.m.
Milo Town Hall
6 Pleasant St.
Yes: 25
No: 0
MonsonThursday, April 25
6 p.m.
Monson GymYes: 20
No: 6
AbbotThursday, April 25
6:30 p.m.
Abbot Town Hall
133 Main Rd.
Yes: 23
No: 13
Dover-FoxcroftSaturday, April 27
9 a.m.
Municipal Building
48 Morton Ave.
Yes: 136
No: 7
WillimanticSaturday, April 27
10 a.m.
Willimantic Town Hall
2360 Elliottsville Rd.
Yes: 11
No: 8
ParkmanMonday, April 29
6 p.m.
Parkman Town Office
(lower lvl.)
771 State Highway 150
Yes: 14
No: 5
AtkinsonMonday, April 29
6:30 p.m.
Atkinson Town Office
102 N. Stagecoach Rd.
Yes: 8
No: 0
SebecMonday, April 29
6:45 p.m.
Sebec Town Office
29 North Road
Yes: 29
No: 13
GuilfordMonday, April 29
7 p.m.
PCES Middle School
25 Campus Dr.
Yes: 48
No: 4
SangervilleTuesday, April 30
6 p.m.
Sangerville Town Hall
One Town Ave.
Yes: 78
No: 4